When someone you care about goes left

This post is part of the 100 Days Project

Day 46

I wrote earlier about how you get the chance to become a better person when someone you care about has a different political perspective, because this forces you to you listen properly and consider a different view.  And when I say 'you' I really mean 'me'.
Imagine my unbridled delight therefore, on hearing that the sole National voter in my life is thinking about voting Labour.  I got an email inviting me to get lunch and talk about left issues, an opportunity which I used to expound on progressive taxation and why those top tax-bracket earners don't really lose out as much as you might think.  By the time I finished on that she was already talking about secondary tax being too high, the need for capital gains tax and the benefits of wealth redistribution for allowing upward mobility.  
I can't take any of the credit for the sea-change - Labour is really only a shade or two to the left of National, my friend's mother has started working with the homeless which is having a big impact, and Dirty Politics has probably created more swing voters than anyone wants to admit.  
But that's not stopping me metaphorically skipping the halls and singing about it.  Not for a second.