Shallow as sh*t

This post is part of the 100 Days Project

Day 45

Yeah - I like learning stuff about the treaty and writing a bit about politics.  I critique various tropes on the nets and talk about media representation.  I'm reading Dirty Politics at the moment and I know I have to hurry up so I can pass it to my parents-in-law per my grown-up niece's instructions (as compared to either of my baby nieces who are certainly in a position to give instructions but not necessarily with any expectation of them being followed).  
But this post is about leggings.  As a nearly 40-year old average-sized woman, social mores dictate I shouldn't be wearing them, especially to work, but I do anyway.  I get them mostly from, and I was recently saddened to see that my two favourite pairs (Galaxy Red and Artoo and Threepio) are no longer available.  Just in case I ever wanted to replace them.
Of course it doesn't hurt that both designs draw compliments.  The Galaxy Red design usually gets them from women, while the Artoo and Threepio effort is like a magnet for men of a certain age - not in a creepy way, but as a conversation starter, peer to peer.  Down at the half-pipe in the park or the comic book store kind of styles (I'm referencing specific events).  Because I'm modest enough to wear them with long tops which cover the character's heads it takes people a moment to translate what they're seeing.  Then they make the comment.
It's not all bread and roses.  The design is too small in the waist for my proportions, so I have a stomach dimple when I wear them, and after a day at a desk I'm usually plucking at my waistband.  But I don't care.  There's something to be said for a piece of clothing which does so much work in projecting my identity into the world just a little ahead of my arrival.  When you get to be a certain age you're supposed to avoid the word 'cool' as a signifier for something which engenders near-universal peer approval, but if anything could be said to do that, these leggings are they.  It's shallow as sh*t, but I really like that about them.