This post is part of the 100 Days Project
Day 26
I have opinions about the situation in Gaza. I feel they're uninformed but it's impossible not to have them.  My current thinking is summarised in a comment I made on a Facebook thread following a Huffington Post article I shared - you can see it below.  One of the positions the author of the article took was that Hamas are allowing children to die because it makes for Western sympathy and useful media spin.
"I wrote something this morning about clever strategies and dead children but it gets endlessly recursive. Israel wins because Hamas is wiping itself out by allowing Palestinian children aka future Hamas members to be killed, no - Hamas wins because Israel doesn't have that many bombs and eventually the West will step in on Gaza's side to end the slaughter, no - wait - nobody wins because this is SHIT. Death like this makes me vomit in my mouth."
For a primer I had this article recommended by a friend.  It's been written by someone with a giant intellect and a somewhat frightening interest in war and is probably worth consideration.