Pigeon antics?

Pigeon wandering down Karangahape Road, Auckland City

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Day 14

Ok - this is a small piece of sheer speculation, but has anyone else noticed that city pigeons in New Zealand are a) huge, and b) often possessed of a subtle patch of iridescent blue/green feathers around their heads and necks?  I wouldn't have even noticed except that I've recently been in the US and the pigeons are smaller and darker there.  This observation or hallucination has caused me to wonder if the city birds are interbreeding with the odd kereru.  The internet has been no help so I may remain doomed to wonder.


Uli said…
I remember that when i first came to nz i found the pigeons small and a bit frazzled. Smaller than in europe for sure.
Lyn said…
That's interesting - I'm finding the ones in Auckland to be huge, but maybe there are regional differences. They look pretty healthy most of the time, all things considered, but compared to US city pigeons anything would look healthy!