When the World Comes to You

This post is part of the 100 Days Project

Day 7
Today I was fortunate enough to attend some more training at work which allowed the world to come to me.

The other training participants were from all the corners of the globe - Ghana, Sri Lanka, Korea, the Pacific, China and India as well as New Zealand.  Facilitators and support were from Britain, China, New Zealand and the United States.  Which, in many ways is a regular day at the office for me, but the session was a good chance to reflect on that. 

And what I decided is this; when the world comes to to us we need to be good hosts - attentive to our guests' feelings, aware of what they might not yet know.  Things we take for granted - marmite, the Treaty, a passing grade - are unknown or interpreted quite differently by recent arrivals.  And that's ok. 

New Zealand is an infinitely richer and better place for its growing plurality.  And maybe the price is that we stop assuming a certain level of local knowledge in some situations.  We need, instead, to make room for explanation and contextualisation, and the startling reflection of ourselves in someone else's mirror.