The Casual Sex Project

This post is part of the 100 Days Project

Day 18

An NYU professor, Zhana Vrangalova, has started a website that allows people to detail their experiences of casual sex.  This has grown out of her work in developmental psychology and a PhD about casual sexual encounters.  
The stories shared on are an interesting read - slightly titilating for sure but also oddly profound, especially if you read a good handful of them together. The writers range in age from 19 -70 and have multifarious sexual orientations, and the majority of reported hook-ups are postitive experiences.  Unsurprisingly, it appears that desire is experienced in a very similar way by most humans, and that genuine physical desire is the single most important thing in determining if a one-night stand is going to be perceived positively by the people involved in it. 
I think there's something in that for everyone...