Climate Voter

Image: Left to right - Satty Puaria, his son and another drummer, Takuu Atoll School Concert 2008 
This post is part of the 100 Days Project
Day 9
Today Greenpeace did a Facebook post containing the following comments on climate change from Bill English:
"It's a non-issue because there are more pressing concerns"
"There is still debate about the evidence of islands sinking in the Pacific"
"Climate change mitigation policy is a luxury we can't afford."
In 2010 I was part of a team who released a documentary, There Once was an Island, about the impact of climate on a unique Pacific community.  Thinking back on that experience, I made the following response on Facebook before signing on as a Climate Voter:
If you're living on an atoll that's one metre above sea level and climate change is going to cause that atoll to flood catastrophically with increasing frequency, I don't think you're worried about whether the island is 'sinking' per se.
If we don't mitigate climate change, the Pacific (amongst other places) will lose cultures and languages and the people directly involved will lose everything. And that's alongside what's going to happen for the rest of the world's weather, food production and usable land.
Climate change and what we do about it matters.