Janet Klein and her Parlour Boys

Janet Klein performs at the Annenberg Community Beach House, June 2014

This post is part of the 100 Days Project

Day 5
This morning on the walk to work I was listening to a recent download - a 2010 album by Janet Klein and her Parlour Boys.  I first heard them only a few weeks ago in LA when a friend of a friend took me to the Annenburg Community Beach House to hear them play for free.  It was quite a trip because they play only 1930s music and Janet stays in character the entire time.  Her dress at the performance is done no justice in the photo - it was tailored and exquisite and just as period as her hair and everything else about her.

There were several things I didn't expect about America.  But actually, quirky live culture in LA was NOT one of them.  I just didn't expect to get up close to it in the time I had available.  And for that I am quite full of gratitude