Toes in the water

There have been two crap things about coming back into this blog since the great hiatus began three years ago.

The first is realising that the situation which drove me to stop writing is still extant; namely, making a feature documentary while working full-time, and the second is that I was the person who wrote all you see below. Yee. It all feels a bit dorky. But in the interests of trying to make some kind of singular narrative of my thoughts and their incarnation on screen I'll stay camped on the same internet real-estate and let nature take its course.

This is the third significant incarnation of the blogging thread I began in 2007. The first moment was about dating while living with a bunch of single people in Grey Lynn, the second was about living in a relationship and thinking about politics and gender. This third one is a tabula rasa right now, but I anticipate that it will end up being about filmmaking, gender and representation. Bear with me, any readers that fortune has thrown this way - and we shall see.