What's a girl to do?

God forgive me, it's been at least a week since my last post. And my presence in the blogosphere has been superceded by the watching of movies with my boyfriend and the attending of Drinking Liberally at the London Bar. And working - that thing I do for money, and the confronting news that a film I'm still attached to has been awarded an undisclosed but quite substantial sum in American dollars, while a writing project I'm working on received an offer it may or may not refuse from a highly respected publication. Score!!! Tomorrow morning sometime I hope to get a video of David Slack's turn at Drinking Liberally up on google video, and if I do you shall be the second to know about it, after the rest of the lovely organising committee.

In other news, that travesty of the democratic process that is National Party campaign strategy continues to give me a creepy feeling, and my mother is having surgery on Tuesday.

More in a bit....


jafapete said…
Lyn, Congratulations on the good news! Hope this doesn't mean you'll be finding work elsewhere. (That's a little selfish, I guess.)

Hope your mum's surgery went well.