Drinking Liberally arrives in Auckland!

Drinking Liberally is having its first Auckland event next Wednesday evening (July 2nd) at 7.30 at London Bar, just off Queen St. The speaker is well known blogger/author/radio commentator/all-round-nice-guy David Slack, who will address the topic of ‘New Zealand the way you want it???’

DL events are based around a talk and discussion session and pre-supposes a left-leaning, green or progressive audience but I would imagine anyone who is sympathetic to or tolerant of these positions would also be welcome. The Auckland version is planned to recur on the fourth Wednesday of every month.

In case you missed it, New Zealand’s first Drinking Liberally events took place in Wellington with Green MP Nandor Tanczos followed up by Minister of Finance Dr Michael Cullen. Both events were liberally attended and from photos on the facebook page I'd say a good time was had by all. See the video of Michael Cullen's talk (posted at the standard) here.

I shall be heading along on Wednesday, and encourage any lefty progressive or open-minded person who likes politics, booze and drunken arguments to do likewise and see what happens.


Anonymous said…
I might break a habit of a life-time and come along some time Lyn ;-). Can't today though.
Lyn said…
Do, do and maybe I'll try and write a little more here!!