Out of towner

Apologies for the lapse in time since my last post and the brevity of this one. I've had a busy week preparing for some time off, and am currently in the South Island in the bosom of family and friends. My mum has just had a biopsy and is waiting for the results, and my bestie has just been gently let down and feels like arse - what better reason for heading into the cold than an attempt to bring cheer? I hope to blog on nevertheless....


Hope things turn out well.
Anonymous said…
Good luck. I was wondering about the lack of posts.

I usually pop in here or one of the other more 'restful' sites during the week.
Lyn said…
Thanks to you both for your kind thoughts. Lprent - not sure if it's good to be restful or not, but I'm pleased you keep coming back either way :)