A little linky love in the gender department

Here's to the Ex-expat for yet another interesting piece about Asia, told so nicely through the lens of personal experience. And props to the Handmirror for sending a few readers over here too. You gals are the bomb, particularly your recent go at the sexism in the ALAC ads Actually she wasn't asking for it at all and It's the victim blaming, it's not how you victim blame.

I've been commenting on male fat-cowards at Still Truckin, and have to endorse the whole blog as totally worth a look if you're interested in gender politics.

And for anyone who thinks gender politics are, like, so last century, chew on this: someone in my workplace just addressed the coffee machine in the adjacent kitchen as a slut because it wouldn't give him what he wanted. There's a certain irony there, really. But that still doesn't make it endearing.


Anonymous said…
You know, my brother does the "slut" thing to inanimate objects to, except I'm very sure he means it ironically. Especially seeing he's the type of guy who will assure you of how manly the colour pink is. :D
Lyn said…
Hmm - well - everything in context I guess. This guy didn't know anyone could hear so I imagine he wasn't being ironic.....It was pretty funny given I was writing a piece on gender issues just as he dropped the word.
Anonymous said…
Maybe it's one of those things like sneezing when someone elsewhere mentions you, or shivering when someone walks over your future gravesite. ;)

Maybe Chauvinists are just allergic to gender issues. :)
Lyn said…
Well - the kitchen was a reasonable distance away, but I guess I was putting out the vibes...:)