Satorial humour on Nightline

Was just watching an article on Nightline about tax cuts and noticed that Michael Cullen and reporter Duncan Garner were wearing the exact same jacket - a particularly natty, black, single-breasted affair with a heavy white pin-stripe. Anchor Samantha Hayes was also wearing a girly version of the same thing, but this is in no way as amusing as a straight cut between two men wearing the same outfit, while one is offering some kind of commentary on the other. Has 3's journalistic integrity been breached? I wonder if Cullen divulges grooming tips while they're in the changing rooms at Munns??

Update: evidence of previous social contact between Cullen and Garner on Stuff - it appears a crown limo might be a more convenient place to chat about fashion, at least according to Colin Espiner.


luke said…
I'm routinely amused by the comic badness of news anchor fashion. Their outfits look much like paper cut out clothing that's been clad to their frontages.

And, blogger, what's really suprising is that you don't see two men wearing the same thing more often, considering the variations allowed in men's clothing are thin or thick tie.
Lyn said…
I know - male dress options, especially in Wellington are all a little silly. This was SUCH a distinctive jacket though - almost cartoony in the style of the stripe and width of lapels. I wouldn't have noticed otherwise.