More irritating ironies of the Alanis Morrisette variety

Bless me for I have sinned - it's been four weeks since my last post and there's a lot to confess. Astute readers will have realised that I was most taken with the old friend that I wrote about in my past entry, and I'm sad and heartily delighted to confess that the days of the Grey Lynn Singles Club have once again ended, nearly as soon as they had begun.

I'm not quite prepared to describe all the ins and outs of finally getting into a relationship with someone who, it does appear, fully reciprocates my feelings. I've secreted a large swathe of bad poetry (some of which has potential), and experienced the highs and lows of coping with having the object of my obsession living a rather expensive plane-ride away. However I can offer some highlights - don't blame me if you end up puking from all the mushiness....

1) Booking a ticket to Wellington only to have him rock into town two weeks before the departure date and spend five days with me, including a weekend, because of being in Auckland to observe focus groups for work.

2) Doing a geographic from work and flying down to Wellington at short notice for 13.5 hours before flying up to face the music in what has been one of the busiest periods in my recent professional life.

3) Reading my poetry and listening to him read his over the phone.

4) Being told at regular intervals how fucking wonderful I am.

5) Returning the compliment.

6) The sex.

7) Wandering around a suburban supermarket in Wellington making jokes about mis-stacked food and personal hygiene items and labour relations while gazing moonily into each other's eyes.

8) Having a few wines and venting about work without feeling it was inappropriate or difficult.

9) Seeing the inside of his house - you can tell a lot about somebody from their house. His is filled with art and music.

10) An indefatiguable happiness soaking into everything.

The big question at the moment is when he'll be able to transfer up here. But I'll keep you posted. And if you want more details you can send me a comment, can't you??