The week that was, part 1

Oh - there's just not enough time for everything. The online dating story has been told and retold to various friends and family members and distilled down to a few funny lines, but I've been so busy replying to lots of dudes that it hasn't found its way to the blog. The first message was a penis, the first guy I messaged was someone I already know (hi Alan), two married farmers from the Waikato propositioned me (one sent a picture of a horse), I got asked to have sex "tonight", one roided-up Fijian guy with 20 red-eyed, muscle-bound profile pics decided we had lots on common even though I hate the things he loves - principly gaming and horror movies, an accountant and also a network cabler - neither of whom could write - tried to chat with me, three hot guys I messaged weren't having a bar of it, a really rather attractive musician did message me back but his grandmother died (or he was off-line for a week for some reason) and things didn't really take off after that, I had a coffee date cancelled twice at the last minute by a jazz drummer I really wanted to meet, I went for dinner with a Buddhist who has a philosophical attachment to open relationships and told him no when he asked to hold my hand and I made dates with a shy-sounding and highly educated cat owner and a nice, seemingly well-adjusted guy from Morrinsville (roll on Sunday). As the week wore on I found myself beginning to chat to guys who messaged me about the process of online dating which is a good way to establish something in common but a bad way to light the fire. It's been a crazy seven days, but now all the regulars have pawed my profile over once, the frenetic avalanche of messages has dwindled to something more manageable. And I'm regularly messaging (text, online chat and via the site) the two Sunday dates and the jazz musician, which is nice. Who knows what the weekend will bring!