Single once more

I started this blog about two years ago, and as the title suggests I was single. I stopped writing it around about the time that I got into a relationship, and haven't put finger to keyboard in service of it since. Now that I'm single once more I'm relaunching the whole schebang and also myself with the Simpson's avatar you may be able to see below, and with this post. My life is increasingly finding its way onto the net so I've vowed to try and keep my web-presence something a mother (and any future employers) could be proud of. There will be no detailed accounts of any sexual exploits showing up here. But being single and admittedly more than passingly interested in stumbling upon a potential mate is a solid element of where I and my blog are at. There's no denying it. I expect a few diatribes about sad middle-aged divorced dudes in bars on Ponsonby Road and a commentary on the various merits of vs might ensue.

The current Grey Lynn Singles' Club is a rundown two-bedroom flat in a dubious villa-conversion on Williamson Ave. We're just two single gals who work too much and party a little too hard at times and don't clean the bathroom nearly enough. Things are generally quieter and easier than the previous 5-bedroom version on Crummer Rd, although I do occasionally miss being dragged out to some unexpected film or party.

It's a shame I tend to find Ponsonby such a souless place to go out given the GLSC's proximity to it. On the bright side though, people are always surprising me. Enticed by my flatmate I WAS out in Ponsonby last night and I ended up meeting a nice man who turned out to be an airconditioning installer, with a full-sleeve tattoo, which is not how he presented at first, wearing a long-sleeved shirt and (I kid you not) a trilby. Turned out he was an Australian who'd worked in Invercargill for a few years and his dad is a quote unquote blue-collar sculptor. Great what you can learn if you keep asking questions....

Here's to meeting some more surprising people.