It's raining men online

I'm late to return a text message to a 39 year old PI guy who plays rugby so I can't linger - I already no there's nothing doing but I swear that most of the men messaging me look at the photo and that's it. Why am I texting him? Well - he wanted to switch out of an online environment and I decided it was boots and all so off I'm going to meet him somewhere as yet un-decided. However since I accepted an invitation to an upgraded dating membership on Tuesday many dudes have messaged me - and since I've been replying to nearly all of them, things are getting out of control. I haven't slept (or worked) enough this week and as the first Saturday rolls around I'm looking at a mounting pile of messages in the inbox and realising that I'll have to change my tactics quickly or there's going to be trouble - or more trouble than currently. I'm aiming to do a longer update on the week's online action later today - it's really been one of the most fascinating experiences..