The dating game begins in earnest

Well - I've just tidied up my membership on an internet dating site which will, (for the sake of whatever privacy my internet presence still affords) remain nameless. I was immediately assailed with two messages, one accompanied by a picture of a shaved and erect cock (supported by a hand no less), and the other demanding a photo. Men are curiously visual creatures are they not??? I blocked the dick and I've got a pic up now, so await a response from its rather terse requester.

My next step was to browse through what amounts to a men-u or a kind of catalogue of blokes all lined up in photographic equivalents of their Sunday best. I got to a profile that really made me laugh - out loud - and was just in the process of sending a message to its owner when I realised I used to work with him. I sent the message anyway, after laughing some more. Yeah - internet dating is pretty silly. In my profile I did carp on about my ideal bloke having a sense of humour, but the experience did give me a moment's pause..this is a guy I found attractive to a point, but the collared shirts always put me off. Could there be hope for some kind of post-working liaison? I simply don't know. In the words of one of my current workmates (who is sensibly circumspect in the face of my craven requests for technical assistance) "we'll see".....