Guest DJ: Top three break-up songs

A few blogs ago I asked how and why to establish a relationship. Now, watching someone close to me go through a painful dumping after 18 months of happiness makes me remember that, even at the best of times, intimacy is a dicey propostion. It's moments like this that the "how" of the question takes a back seat to the "why". They were really good together. But not anymore.

Before bitterness takes a backseat, and for your listening pleasure, my friend would like to share her top three songs to get through a break-up to:

It's Over
Bic Runga, Birds

The Scientist

Coldplay, Rush of blood to the Head

Lover, you should have come over

Jeff Buckley, Grace


Anonymous said…
A friend once recommended Tom Petty's "Free Falling", but then again, she was always the break-upper (upbreaker?). And had terrible taste in music. Me, when I can listen to Cry on Demand (Ryan Adams, Heartbreaker) without crying, I know it's going to be OK.
Anonymous said…
Whoops, Demolition!
Anonymous said…
By "Get over a relationship" does your friend mean "slit your wrists to"?
Lyn said…
That's harsh! I was only the reporter on this one and it was a while ago, so I can't really comment other than to say she's a brooder but certainly still alive and kicking, and much more on to it in the breaking up well department than I am. Tho I fear that wouldn't take much.